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Naturally Organic

Simply the best: organic food.

Not only is the canteen in Witzenhausen (which was awarded with the "BioStar" in 2003) working hard to get and use groceries from organically run farms, so are the cafeterias in Kassel.

Inexpensive and quality organic products like breakfast eggs, coffee, tea, juices,  can be found in the cafeterias.

In 2003 the Studentenwerk was awarded, after successful control, a Bio-Certificate and has since the been allowed to put the seal of organic control on all of its organic food (codenumber: DE-√ĖKO-039).


Short distances for fresh products: Many foods we serve in our canteens are regional products - to give but a few examples:


Organic Potatoes

Organic carots

Hephata Diakonie Companies:

- Gut Halbersdorf, Spangenberg

Origin: Hessische Staatsdomäne Frankenhausen (University of Kassel), Grebenstein


Hessische Staatsdomäne

Organic meat products

Alsfelder Biofleisch

Bio-Metzgerei Theisinger, Habichtswald

Alsfelder Biofleisch

Organic breakfast eggs

Hessische Staatsdomäne Frankenhausen (University of Kassel), Grebenstein

Hephata Diakonie Company Gut Halbersdorf, Spangenberg


Hessische Staatsdomäne


Fresh fruits, salats and vegetables from the region

T. Meissner Frucht-Handels-GmbH, Kassel

Meissner Fruchthandel

Fresh meat and sausage products

Fleischerei Dreßler KG, Großalmerode;

Fleischerei Blossey, Felsberg;

Fleisch- und Wurstwaren Werner Sauer, Naumburg

Fleischerei Dressler

Werner Sauer


Fresh dairy products and tofu products

Heinrich Stein OHG, Kassel

Heinrich Stein

Fresh pastry products

Backhaus Schwarz, Bad Wildungen

Backhaus Schwarz
Fresh lahmacunOrient Bäckerei e.K., Kassel---

Juices from regional fruits

Saftmobil GbR, Gudensberg


Beer and Beer specialities from H√ľtt-Brauerei, Baunatal

Getränke Waldhoff GmbH, Kassel

Waldhoff Getränke

Fresh troutsAqua Handelsfisch, Ederm√ľndeAqua Handelsfisch
Various types of flourPariser M√ľhle, Kasselwww.pariser-muehle.de
Especially for the canteen in Witzenhausen:

Organic beef, organic pork, organic sausages

Ellershäuser Bauernladen, Bad Sooden-Allendorf

Bio-Metzgerei Theisinger, Habichtswald




Organic dry goods, organic juices, organic lemonades

Naturkost Elkershausen GmbH, Göttingen

Naturkost Elkershausen

Organic vegetables

Ellershäuser Bauernladen, Bad Sooden-Allendorf




Green bowls mean: organic

Green means organic

Green bowls for side dishes in the dining halls allows for more transparency and proves without a doubt, that our boiled potatoes are 100% organic.

Next to that there are futher meals from organic products and more conventional ingredients, such as: raw vegetables-carrot salad, mashed potatoes, roasted potatoes and potatoe soup. In Witzenhausen, a green bowl always means 100% organic.

The organic food in our canteens is financed from the sale of 100% compostable one-way coffee-to-go-cups.

Organic potatoes in every dining hall. Picture: Paavo Blåfield, (c) University of Kassel
Bio-potatoes in the dining halls

Simply healthy

In the interest of your health, we buy ingredients that are virtually free of any additives that are required to be labeled. For example, there is no sodium glutamate in any of our dishes.

Simply healthy: Bio-Juices, from: www.oekolandbau.de, © BLE, Bonn, Picture: Dominic Menzler

No genetically modified foods

We do not use any products that are genetically modified in any of our dining halls. To guarantee this, we require our suppliers to bring non-genetically modified foods; for this they are obliged.

No to Laying Cage Systems

Animal Protection Award Das Goldene Ei
Animal Protection Award Das Goldene Ei

At our canteens and cafeterias, we completely do without eggs from battery-caged hens. Because of this, Studentenwerk Kassel was awarded the animal protection award "Das Goldene Ei" in 2011. 

This award comes from "Albert Schweitzer Stiftung f√ľr unsere Mitwelt" and the international animal rights organisation "Compassion in World Farming".

Transfair as much as possible

Fair to humans, fair to Nature: We serve fair-trade-coffee from egological production. Wherever economically possible teas and sweets are from fair businesses and ecological production, too.

Climate Protection with a knife and fork

Meatless and vegan food meet the trend and are part of our offerings in canteens and cafeterias.

photo reusable thermos cup
logo initiative #BecherBonus

Of course environmentally friendly

It's self-evident that all of our duties are performed in a consistently environmentally conscious way. Wherever possible we avoid disposable packages and support the use of deposit packages and thermo cups. Energetic cleaning of student housing and the use of rain water collectors are more examples of our environment protection efforts.


#BecherBonus: We support the initiative BecherBonus of the Hessian Ministry of the Environment for waste reduction. If you bring your own reusable cup for your hot drink, you will pay 10 cents less per drink from 1 March 2017. Reusable deposit cups or buyable thermos cups are available in all cafeterias.

The disposable one-way-cups in our cafeterias are internally coated with the bio-plastic polylactic acid (PLA) and certified according to DIN 13432 100% compostable. PLA is based on industrial starch and comes completely without fossil raw materials. The cup lids are also made from PLA and are therefore completely biodegradable.

The sale of one-way-cups helps us to finance organic food such as organic carrots and organic potatoes in the canteens.