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The University of Kassel

The University of Kassel, founded in 1971 where the Henschel Factory once stood, is a young and modern academic institution. It is unique in comparison to traditional German institutions of higher education because the University of Kassel offers courses of study with a variety of degree options. The "Kassel Concept" offers study programs and degrees that are compatible with those of other international universities.

One in every seven first semester students at the University of Kassel comes from a foreign country. Students from over 120 different countries come to study at the University of Kassel  either to start their academic careers, to continue their studies after acquiring their first degree, or as exchange students.

About 25,000 students are enrolled at the University of Kassel and many of these are international students.

Currently the University of Kassel  has sister universities located all over the world. Scientists from partner universities are regularly invited to Kassel as guest professors and the University participates heavily in International Support and Mobility Programs. In addition, the University of Kassel  takes part in Action Programs of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), which supports the international co-operation between universities, the implementation of internationally-oriented study programs, and international degree programs for foreign students.  

Student Services

Student Services, or Studienservice, is in charge of all the formalities at the University- application, acceptance, matriculation, address or major change etc. as well as student advising. If you are an international student studying at the University of Kassel full-time (i.e. more than just a semester or two), Student Services should be your first contact point.

Student Services is located at:
Campus Center
Moritzstraße 18
Tel. 0049 561 804-2205
Fax: 0049 561 804-7202
Email: studieren((at))uni-kassel.de

Student Services is open to the public Monday-Thursday, 1pm-3pm and Friday, 10am-12pm.


The University of Kassel has a number of different programs and courses of study with a variety of degree options.

For information on the different programs offered at the University of Kassel, see




To apply to the University of Kassel as an international student (not exchange student), there are a number of prerequisites that need to be filled, including German language testing. For information on these plus general information regarding applying to the University of Kassel, please check out the following:


If you are applying to a Post-Graduate or Masters Program at the University of Kassel, it might be helpful to look at your particular program’s website for information on applying.


Orientation Week

The International Office puts on an Orientation Week for international students, who start their studies or doctorate at the University of Kassel. During the Orientation Week, tutors help you navigate the German bureaucracy and give you advice on living in Kassel. Participating in the orientation week is also a good way to meet other students - both German and international.
The International Office also plans trips, excursions, and other activities for international students throughout the semester.

For more information about orientation week, check out: https://www.uni-kassel.de/uni/en/international-service/coming-to-kassel/welcome-centre/orientation/





The International Office

The International Office is in charge of maintaining cooperations with the sister universities, arranging studies abroad for students at the University of Kassel, and taking care of international students here in Kassel. If you are an exchange or program student (SOKRATES/ERASMUS, DAAD, etc.) or a guest professor at the University of Kassel, the International Office should be your first contact point.

The International Office is located at:
Moritzstraße 18, 2.OG
34127 Kassel
Tel: 0049 561 804-2103
Fax: 0049 561 804-3513
Email: international-office@uni-kassel.de

The International Office is open to the public Monday-Thursday 1pm-3pm.


International Study Centre (ISZ)/ The Language Centre

The Language Center offers a variety of programs and language courses throughout the semester. There are classes from beginning to certificate level, as well as supplementary courses, language tandem programs and other foreign language activities.

If you need to improve your German or want to learn a new language while you are studying in Kassel,  the Language Center is the place to go!

For a full program and contact information, check out the website at:




University Sports

All students at the University of Kassel who have paid their semester sport fees are allowed to participate in the sport programs available through the university.
Many different activities are available - from Aerobics and Afro Dance to Volleyball and Zen Mediation.

For the current program and to sign up see: