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Rental of Private Accommodation

The Studentenwerk Kassel provides students with the opportunity of renting a range of accommodation from private individuals and housing associations etc. on a commission-free basis. This includes furnished and non-furnished accommodation as well as accommodation in shared apartments.


The Online Accommodation Exchange


Here house owners can offer, at no charge, accommodation for rent in Kassel, Witzenhausen and the surrounding area, which gives students the opportunity to look for apartments and rooms that suit them.



Important information

  • The accommodation exchange is a service offered free of charge by the Studentenwerk and only creates the contact between the interested parties.
  • The Studentenwerk is not involved in the drawing up the rental agreement and exercises no broker service. Arrangements for renting the accommodation are the exclusive concern of the owner or his/her representative.
  • The Studentenwerk bears no liability of any sort for information that may not or no longer be valid. For the accuracy of information about the accommodation offered the landlord alone is responsible.
  • The Studentenwerk does not check the obligation of the landlord to hand over the energy certificate to the tenant. This certificate has to be submitted when the accommodation is viewed.


For students:

  • The  Studentenwerk is not responsible for the condition of the rented accommodation. Please check this yourself before you sign the rental agreement.


For those offering accommodation:

  • The Studentenwerk reserves the right to reject entries submitted either wholly or partially, if these do not correspond to the goal or purpose of the accommodation exchange.
  • Please update your offer, if there are changes or remove it when the accommodation is rented. If you want us to do this for you, we will gladly do it. All you have to do is to send us an email or call us.


You can contact us in person or by telephone:


Studentenwerk Kassel - Student Accommodation, "Infotheke"
Telephone ++49 561 804-2552
E-Mail infotheke((at))studentenwerk.uni-kassel.de
Office Hours Monday to Thursday 10-15 h, Fr 10-12 h
Adress "Infotheke", Campus Center, Moritzstraße 18, D 34127 Kassel

Studentenwerk Kassel - Witzenhausen Campus
Harald Mentz
Telephone ++49 5542 981-260
Fax ++49 5542 981-1400
E-Mail mentz((at))studentenwerk.uni-kassel.de
Office Hours Monday to Thursday 10-12 h
Adress Stubenstr. 20, Witzenhausen