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Multi-lingual and multi-cultural

With 103 rooms, this apartment complex is the largest in Witzenhausen. It is located near the university campus, directly across from the public swimming pools. Many international students live here, speaking a variety of languages. Those who wish, can easily meet and befriend other students.
All rooms are furnished and cable- and telephone-accessible. The students living here share a TV and common room, washing machines, and dryer, as well as a bike storage area. Students have the option of living in small communities or alone in a single-apartment.

Rent and running costs all inclusive range between ‚ā¨ 213 and ‚ā¨ 260.

Further information

  • 28 rooms in communities of 3-6
  • 6 rooms in double-apartments
  • 49 single-apartments, one of which is handicapped accessible
  • 20 single-apartements in flat-share
  • Table tennis, table soccer
  • Bike storage area
  • Also in this apartment complex: "Die Frechdachse" (Daycare for children)

Questions? Contact
Mr. Harald Mentz
Phone +49 5542 981-202
E-Mail mentz((at))studentenwerk.uni-kassel.de
Office hours Monday to Thursday, 10 am to 12 noon, and by arrangement

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