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Please read the following: General Terms of Lease



Living in a student hall

The Studentenwerk Kassel offers a variety of housing options in its student apartments. The rooms are, with only a few exceptions, completely furnished and common rooms are also available. In order to rent a student apartment, you have to send a housing application and the necessary attachments to the Studentenwerk. After your application is received you will be put on a list.
The monthly rent is comprised of both the basic rent costs and utilities. Rent prices are determined in accordance with ¬ß6, subsection 1, 10 of "Gesetz √ľber die Studentenwerke des Landes Hessen" (Studentenwerk Law) at the suggestion of the management and on decision of the Studentenwerk Verwaltungsrat (Administration Committee).

Utility costs include: street cleaning, garbage removal, house cleaning, exterminations, window cleaning, snow and ice removal, property and liability insurance,  cable, taxes, electricity, water, water removal, heating and hot water costs, building maintenance, elevator maintenance (if available), caretaker works, analysis of drinking water, etc.


Property and liability insurance includes the costs of the building insurance against fire, storm, water and other natural disasters, glass breakage insurance, liability insurance for the building and the elevator.

We recommend all tenants to take out a liability insurance policy against possible damage claims that might arise from the rental agreement. Moreover, we recommend a homeowner's insurance policy that includes insurance against bicycle theft.

A non interest bearing security deposit of 200 Euro will be collected upon signing the lease. This deposit minus moving out flat rate will be returned approximately eight weeks after the end of the contract.


Housing options

  • Room in flat share - sharing kitchen, shower, and bathroom, but usually a private washbasin inside the room
  • Single room in double-apartment, sharing ktichen, shower, and bathroom
  • Double-apartment - with private kitchen, shower, and bathroom
  • Single-apartment - with private kitchen, shower, and bathroom
  • Single-apartment in flat share - private shower and bathroom, sharing kitchen
  • Studio-apartment - two-floor, two-room apartment, with private kitchen, and bathroom
  • Handicapped accessible single-apartment - private kitchen, shower, and bathroom


Room furnishings: desk, closet, chairs, bed, bookcase, bedside table. Community rooms: TV- and common room, laundry room