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Looking for a place to live in Kassel? - Come to the Studentenwerk.
Students looking at the student hall information at Studentenwerk

More than just a roof overhead...

Studying at the University of Kassel and need an affordable place to live? Then you‚Äôve come to the right place!If you are interested, the Studentenwerk also offers information and tips on how to find private accommodations in Kassel.  We can help you with all your housing need.



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‚ÄěAre you already living or still searching?‚Äú ‚Äď Meeting point for apartment-hunters and landlords

On Friday, September 14, 2-5 p.m. , the Studentenwerk Kassel offers a meeting point for students, apartment-hunters, landlords and flat-sharing communities.

For whom? Students in search of accommodation, people in search of roommates, landlords

What? Meeting point in order to find an appropriate flat-sharing community, roommate or accommodation

When? September, 14, 2-5 p.m.

Where? Campus Center, Moritzstraße 18, Campus Holländischer Platz at the Service Point of the Studentenwerk on the third floor.

Extra for Freshmen: We will offer here some flat share places for freshmen.  Newly enrolled students, who would like to share a flat with other freshmen, may move into a student hall close to campus. If there are more applicants than places, the lot decides.



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"Be Welcome!" ‚Äď An activity for supporting students in search of accommodation

Ready to start: the university place is confirmed, one is looking forward to a new chapter in one‚Äôs life, a new city, new people and to the studies to come‚Ķ if there was not one problem: ‚ÄúWhere can I live?‚ÄĚ Some international students feel lost and are overwhelmed by new impressions, information and experiences in Kassel. Studentenwerk Kassel offers assistance by experienced fellow students. They will welcome you in the time of September, 17th to October,19th at the Service Point "Infotheke" of the Studentenwerk Kassel, support you in searching for an accommodation, give important advice regarding dwelling and living in Kassel and they are eager to answer your questions.

For whom: international students

What: support in searching for accommodation and advice for living in Kassel

When: September, 17  - October, 19

Service & information via:  Campus Center, Moritzstra√üe 18, Campus Holl√§ndischer Platz, at the Service Point of the Studentenwerk on the third floor.