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Voucher "Herzlichen Gl√ľckwunsch" = "Happy Birthday"
Voucher Happy Birthday
Voucher "ohne Text" = neutral, no text added
Voucher Just for Fun
Voucher "Frohe Weihnachten rot" = Merry X-Mas green
Voucher Merry X-mas green
Voucher "Frohe Weihnachten gr√ľn" = Merry X-Mas red
Voucher Merry X-mas red

‚ÄúEnjoy Your Meal‚ÄĚ-vouchers ‚Äď the perfect present for all at University of Kassel


For use in all canteens and cafeterias in Kassel and Witzenhausen

You are looking for a fancy present … for birthday or Christmas or any other event? How about a voucher in attractive design for all canteens and cafeterias of Studentenwerk Kassel as a nice gift? The voucher can be used by all having a MultifunktionsCard/CampusCard of University of Kassel or by those taking a guest card. The guest cards are available for an amount of 5 Euros at all terminals for MultifunktionsCard/CampusCards on the campus of Kassel and Witzenhausen.

The credit of the "Enjoy Your Meal"-Voucher will be transferred to CampusCards of the University of Kassel at any cashdesk in canteens or cafeterias of the Studentenwerk. Recipients simply have to bring along the voucher and their CampusCard.



Where can I get this voucher?

The printed voucher is available in:

Voucher by E-Mail / Print at home  

We gladly send you the voucher as pdf-file. All what you have to do for this is to:

  • Look for your favourite design ("Happy Birthday", "Merry Christmas‚Äú (red or green), "no text‚Äú)
  • Choose the desired amount for your voucher (10, 15 oder 25 Euro)
  • Transfer this amount by indicating the purpose ‚ÄěGutschein‚Äú to our account

    • IBAN:  DE89 5205 0353 0000 1252 15

  • Please inform us by e-mail to campuscard((at))studentenwerk.uni-kassel.de, that you have transferred the amount. We kindly ask you to inform us in your e-mail about

    • Your name
    • The value of voucher
    • The design of voucher

As soon as we get the money and your information, we will send you the voucher by e-mail.